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For Media Credentials & SSCC Event Information, Please Contact:

Bunny Hill
SSCC Registration

Berry Lowman
SSCC Media Relations

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Rules for Media Representatives Attending or Covering SSCC Events

  1. We encourage members of the media to apply in advance to cover SSCC Open Road Racing and Shootout events in May (NORC) and September (SSCC). To apply, please fill out and submit our Press Application listed above. For questions about the event, please contact our SSCC Registration or SSCC Media Relations personnel, listed above.

  2. To obtain on-site media credentials to cover SSCC events, it is mandatory you sign in at Registration on Thursday at Sam's Town in Las Vegas (SSCC weekend), or on Friday at the Bristlecone Convention Center in Ely (NORC weekend) in order to receive your credentials to attend the Half-Mile and One-Mile Shootout events on Friday. Without registering and signing in, you will not be allowed near the Shootout course or grid.

    To obtain media credentials for the Sunday NORC or SSCC Open Road Racing events, you will need to register and sign in immediately after attending the mandatory Drivers Meeting on Saturday night at the Bristlecone Convention Center in Ely, Nevada.

  3. You must attend the mandatory Safety Meeting for media representatives immediately following the Drivers Meeting. You will be issued your wristbands and credentials at this meeting. Without this credential, you will not be allowed access to the Highway 318 course on Sunday.

  4. No matter your credential level or status, you may not cross the highway, nor enter the pavement of the race course at any time during the event. Doing so would create an extreme safety hazard for everyone, and will lead to immediate revocation of your credentials, removal from the race course, and a lifetime ban from covering SSCC events.

  5. You may not wear predominately red or yellow clothing while covering SSCC events. Those colors represent caution or imminent danger signals to racers on the course.

  6. All media representatives, including photographers and cameramen, must remain completely off all highway right-of-way zones, and remain behind the NDOT fence during the duration of the event. This includes the Open Road Racing events, as well as the Half-Mile and One-Mile Shootout events.

  7. Photographers and cameramen who have been granted special permission to enter the highway right-of-way area in the Narrows section to take photographs and video, as indicated by your assigned wristbands, must remain at least 50 feet away from the pavement at all times, and may only be inside the fence while actually shooting. Only handheld cameras may be used on the right-of-way area, no tripods, camera cases, or any other related equipment may be brought onto the right-of-way at any time during the event.

  8. All media representatives, including photographers and cameramen, allowed at the finish line, as indicated by your assigned wristbands, MUST be located on the west side of the highway. Media representatives are strictly prohibited from conversing or interfering in any way with SSCC Timing and Scoring, Ham Operators, and Radar personnel. There will be no exceptions! Race results will be published at the Awards Banquet, not before. If you need them sent to you, please indicate this at the time you receive your credentials.

  9. Drivers and Navigators are not obligated to give interviews or answer questions on the Pre-Grid or Starting Grid. Please identify yourself, and ask permission of these people before asking any questions during this period. Do not attempt to interview Course Workers or Staff at any time during the event.

Please obey the above rules for everyone's safety, including your own. Failure to observe the above rules may lead to revocation of your credentials and your removal from the race course.